Data Literacy

Supporting individuals and companies understanding the value of data

Across industries and roles, people are having to develop data skills in order to stay competitive. Yet, they feel frustrated and unable to understand and exploit the world of data and analytics.

I can help you in this new venture by offering support and showing you and your staff how to get value out of data.
Data-informed decisions are the key to success.

RLadies Italy

Mentoring and offering support to women getting into data science 

RLadies Italy represents a non-profit joint project between RLadies Bari and RLadies Milan, two local chapters of RLadies global. 

Our main goal is to support women navigating the endless job opportunities within data science and data analytics. We especially focus on showing people that, even in fields that were not traditionally data-driven, strong data skills can be an invaluable asset. Read about our story here.

Data viz

Making data beautiful - and easier to understand

This is an ongoing learning experience. I'm learning more and more about visual design principles and how to make beautiful and informative data visualizations to capture my audience's attention. 

Want to collaborate with me?